Your Virtual Care Partner.


YourDoc2U is a Telehealth service provider that enables its customers to utilize technology to broaden the spectrum of care for residents. We provide virtual connectivity to your existing providers or our providers depending on your needs. We offer access to a variety of services and programs, including medication management, talk therapy, wound care, night and weekend coverage, remote patient monitoring, and chronic care management, just to name a few. The YourDoc2U platform offers the use of peripherals such as the wound camera, stethoscope, and otoscope, therefore, providing a wide range of capability in assessing the patients’ needs. YourDoc2U is your long-term Telehealth consultant and will collaborate with you to tailor a telehealth program specific to your facility.

Case Study – Skilled Nursing Facility

The below results are based on a 12-month study following implementation of the
YourDoc2U telehealth platform at one skilled nursing facility.

Prevented Hospital Returns

Secured confirmed referrals

Due to facility having Telehealth capability

Increased occupancy

From 88 to 113 residents

Saved significant
transportation and
ambulance costs

*Results may vary


  • Reduce hospital return rates by treating episodic events and change of condition situations in-house
  • Connect your facility to your own providers, our providers, or a combination of the two
  • Access clinical services and programs not easily found in your area
  • Increase star ratings and referrals, thereby improving facility census
  • Reduce time and travel-related costs
  • Allows for increased family involvement
  • Differentiate your facility from your competition
  • Offers the flexibility to utilize a variety of devices