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Health Management

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Telehealth has transformed our services at Lee County Care & Rehabilitation. The YourDoc2U telehealth providers have ensured healthcare is available to our patients at all times and in a very restricted area of the country. YourDoc2U’s continued commitment to patient-centered care is a game changer helping to prevent re-hospitalizations and to keep patients in their homes longer.

Kaye Wilson
Administrator, Lee County Care & Rehab Center

YourDoc2U provides exceptional telehealth personnel to meet the medical and psychosocial needs of our Elders. Appointments are easily made, enabling our Elders, families and stakeholders to be prepared and engaged. With YourDoc2U’s help, we no longer have to send elders to an offsite facility during emergency situations. The teamwork YourDoc2U offers has improved our psychotropic drug utilization to the lowest in years. I have been in long-term care for over 20 years, and YourDoc2U is the BEST system I have ever seen.

Rita Crabtree
Administrator, Monroe County Health & Rehab Center

Since we implemented YourDoc2U’s services, the use of psych drugs decreased 19 percent. This change means big positive consequences for our patients – increased activity and engagement. I truly believe this could not have been possible without YourDoc2U’s services.

Joe Norris
Administrator, Colonial Rehab & Wellness Center